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Are you searching for Proctoru login? We have a list of updated login pages for Proctoru. You can find and access the right page for you from the list below.

Follow these simple steps,
  1. Click on the official link of Proctoru login from the list below.
  2. Enter the username and password for your Proctoru account.
  3. If the account login process is complete, dashboard will appear.
  4. If you get into any trouble, please use this troubleshoot guide on our website, comment below or contact us directly.

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ProctorU – The Leading Proctoring Solution for Online Exams
ProctorU provides secure live and automated online proctoring services for academic institutions and professional organizations. We protect exam integrity for …
Added By: Miranda May
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The Leading Proctoring Solution for Online Exams – ProctorU
Note: We do not proctor computers running within virtual machines. If you are running within a virtual machine when you connect with us, you will be asked to exit …
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Test-Taker – ProctorU
Does my exam begin when I connect with ProctorU? Are breaks allowed during my exam? How do I re-enable my Mac screenshot hotkeys? See all 15 articles …
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Online Proctoring and Identity Management Services – ProctorU
See how we can help you deter, detect and prevent cheating, authenticate identities, and protect your exam content. All products are backed by state-of-the- art …
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Proctor U
At the time of their appointment, test-takers return to the website and log back in. Examinees will see,. “ Connect To Your Proctor Now.” The exam and course.
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ProctorU Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2
Proctor U is like a nightmare, you connect to the system and test it with all the checks going green, as soon as the proctor takes over your computer all the …
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ProctorU | The KU Center for Online and Distance Learning
Students will log in to ProctorU on the date/time of their exam appointment. ProctorU will authenticate the students by reviewing their photo identification.
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